GO2 Lab Media is a Six Sigma printing company — exclusively dedicated to the clinical laboratory market. We understand the niche printing needs within the industry and offer a variety of unique solutions to address these challenges. Our team of experts possesses more than 20 years of experience in the market, and like our laboratory clients, we share the same dedication to each sample expressed by the College of American Pathologists: "every number is a life."

The mission of GO2 Lab Media is simple: to be fast, accurate and automated, while reducing the risk of errors within the specimen tracking process. We provide our clients with high-risk/high-value barcoded products — creating these solutions by understanding your operational requirements, aligning ourselves with your business objectives, and then listening to the changing needs of your operations.
GO2 Lab Media is proud to be a division of GO2 Partners. With a wide array of capabilities and offerings, we can provide you with a one-stop solution for all your business communication needs.

Whether it's elevating a brand through advertising or engineering a rollout of print materials, GO2 covers all of your needs. For more information about our other brands, please visit www.go2partners.com.
QAS6 is our trademarked quality assurance solution. Our solutions incorporate technology, ISO/ANSI standards, and Six Sigma practices to create a quality control culture. QAS6 includes ISO/ANSI verification on 100% of all barcodes on laboratory documents and labels to ensure unrivaled integrity. With GO2 Lab Media, there's:

  • Never a duplicate number
  • Never an undocumented missing number
  • Always QAS6 quality control in the manufacturing process